Deck Tech – Testing out changes with premium cards.

In this weeks’ (the very first) deck tech I (have written, I) want to expose you to the idea of being able to track your deck tech using premium cards. I was inspired to write a bit about this after seeing this comment-chain on reddit last week.

The easiest way to do this is to simply trade cards out 1 for 1. For example if you have 3 of a card but want to consider running a fourth, put in a 4th copy but have it be premium and then when you draw it you will see that you drew a premium card instead of the card that you cut. This can be really helpful when you are trying to figure out those fringe cards you might want to keep in your deck.

Using a strategy like this, you can easily keep track of small card changes you make to your decks, helping you hone in on whether dropping that Towertop Patrol for a Sandstorm Titan is worth it (hint: it is).

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  1. I have used premium cards as “wake-up calls” for myself. If I find myself feeling like I’m not playing a certain card well, or considering all its possibilities, I will switch it to premiums (if available, obviously) to remind me, “HEY! THIS IS THAT CARD YOU WANTED TO THINK ABOUT EXTRA WHEN YOU DRAW IT!”

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